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Podcast Without Pretense

Originally started as a podcast about uncluttering your life, "Podcast Without Pretense" is the successor to "Uncluttercast." Eric Sandine, Jonathan Strickland and Iyaz Akhtar discuss anything that pops into their heads. We don't know what we'll talk about until we start recording.

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 165 – You Can’t Get Crabs on...

Iyaz sits this episode out while Eric and Jonathan talk about frying turkeys, keeping crabs alive on camera and the joys of voice-activated personal digital assistants. Plus a few kind words about our sponsor!

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 164 – Bob, the big chicken and...

Ever wanted to know about Atlanta? Of course not! But, you'll find out about it after our summary of "Bob the Builder: Let's build a beach."

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 163 – The night of the bad...

Jonathan, Eric and Iyaz are back together for a ridiculous episode. Find out what Iyaz's punishment is for not watching "Hot Bot."

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 162 – Hot Bot or Not?

Eric and Jonathan discuss bad sex robot movies, Larry Miller's butt, Soylent progress and more.

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 161 – Soylent and you: What you...

The boys have a frank and open discussion about Soylent. No, really.

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 160 – A reading from the book...

Jonathan Strickland will not upgrade his 2400kbps modem, so he entrusted Eric and Iyaz to read out his copious notes on "Honey." The movie's star, Jessica Alba, has refused to talk to any of the hosts after their review. In all fairness, she refused to talk to them before, too.