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This Week In Radio Tech

“TWiRT” is your go to show if you want to get behind the scenes on what makes broadcasting possible. The show addresses common issues as well as explaining past experiences from a wide array of hosts who each come from a different background in radio technology. This show is a must for any tech geek or for anyone who is interested in what goes on behind the boards and wires.

TWiRT Ep. 328 – Check the Radio and Turn Signals with...

Gentleman engineer, Mark Persons, talks about mentoring engineering students from 150 miles away. Custom EAS Relay panels. Plus 4 dB steps in some car radios volume controls is crazy! And car-buying advice you don’t want to miss. Plus Chris Tobin reports in from the Government Video Expo and Drone Show.

TWiRT Ep. 327 – Denny Sanders and Processing the Buzzard

FM audio processing grew and developed right along with the Rock ‘n Roll radio format. Denny Sanders played a key role in Rock Radio from Boston’s MIT to Cleveland’s Buzzard. Denny’s our guest along with Chris Tobin on This Week in Radio Tech.

TWiRT Ep. 326 – Let’s Get Ready to Re-Aim

Well, that’s one of many subjects that Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack are discussing on this episode. Others include Burli newsroom software, Harris VistaMax, Shure SM7, Telos iPort PLUS parallel audio distribution, and Krone block patch cables. And, will President Trump replace FCC Chairman Wheeler?

TWiRT Ep. 325 – Old to New Engineering at WHRO

When you start from a solid engineering foundation, it’s much easier to pass the baton to your replacement. John Heimerl retired from Engineering at WHRO in Norfolk, and the new engineer, Ray Lenz, has been building on John’s AoIP foundation. We’re talking with both John and Ray, plus Chris Tobin on TWiRT.

TWiRT Ep. 324 – REVConnect with Steve Lampen

The best computer networks and IT infrastructure are too often brought down by … badly-installed connectors. What a shame! Steve Lampen is with us to show how Belden has a solution. It’s called REVConnect and I think engineers and IT pros should be rejoicing! Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack welcome Steve Lampen on this episode of TWiRT.

TWiRT Ep. 323 – Live from the 2016 SBE National Meeting

We’re live in Columbus, Ohio, for the 2016 SBE National Membership Meeting. SBE President, Jerry Massey, joins us as well as SBE Certification Chairman, Ralph Hogan. Plus Past-President, Vinny Lopez, fills us in on the event’s live webcast. Chris Tobin co-hosts with Kirk Harnack.