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This Week In Radio Tech

“TWiRT” is your go to show if you want to get behind the scenes on what makes broadcasting possible. The show addresses common issues as well as explaining past experiences from a wide array of hosts who each come from a different background in radio technology. This show is a must for any tech geek or for anyone who is interested in what goes on behind the boards and wires.

TWiRT Ep. 336 – Hands-On AES67 with Patrick Killianey

Perhaps you’ve heard of AES67 for IP-Audio. It allows cross-connection of different, competing AoIP standards like Ravenna, Dante, and Livewire+. But until you actually try connecting audio devices together, AES67 is just a standard on paper. IP-Audio expert, Patrick Killianey from Yamaha Pro Audio is here to explain real-world AES67 from our recent technology demo.

TWiRT Ep. 335 – Amazing Dynamic Mics with Bob Heil

There are hundreds of microphones on the market - a huge selection. What does Bob Heil know about mics that others have missed? Why do Heil mics sound great - on Ham Radio and in high-end studios? And what is Bob’s secret piece of test equipment for mic development? Bob Heil joins Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack on this episode of TWiRT!

TWiRT Ep. 334 – Video over IP with Erling Hedkvist

Radio engineers began making the switch to Audio over IP infrastructure around 2005. Now with thousands of radio stations using this technology, TV stations are looking at Video over IP as their core infrastructure. Video requires a lot more bandwidth, and there are a few more technical challenges being solved right now. Erling Hedkvist from Lawo joins Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack to talk about it.

TWiRT Ep. 333 – Thoughtful Engineering Aids Workflow

One of the best ways a thoughtful engineer can improve a broadcast facility is to make workflows, well, flow. What design choices are slowing down your talents’ daily work? What can an engineer do to help talent be more self-sufficient? Chris Tobin reveals some interesting scenarios where the engineer made a big difference in on-air operations.

TWiRT Ep. 332 – Permafrost and Air Conditioning with John Antonuk

How do you keep equipment operating when the temperature changes by 150 degrees? John Antonuk keeps 4 radio stations running year-round in Fairbanks, Alaska. And that’s pretty impressive when you consider the harsh - and varying - conditions. John joins Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack on This Week in Radio Tech.

TWiRT Ep. 331 – IP Radio Success with Jeff Holdenrid

Microwave radio links have been around for a while, and now with so many IP Radios on the market, how does a broadcast engineer choose what’s right? Jeff Holdenrid with DoubleRadius has been installing and configuring these systems for over 15 years. He gives us the lowdown on the inexpensive, unlicensed systems up to fully licensed links for broadcast.