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This Week In Radio Tech

“TWiRT” is your go to show if you want to get behind the scenes on what makes broadcasting possible. The show addresses common issues as well as explaining past experiences from a wide array of hosts who each come from a different background in radio technology. This show is a must for any tech geek or for anyone who is interested in what goes on behind the boards and wires.

TWiRT Ep. 333 – Thoughtful Engineering Aids Workflow

One of the best ways a thoughtful engineer can improve a broadcast facility is to make workflows, well, flow. What design choices are slowing down your talents’ daily work? What can an engineer do to help talent be more self-sufficient? Chris Tobin reveals some interesting scenarios where the engineer made a big difference in on-air operations.

TWiRT Ep. 332 – Permafrost and Air Conditioning with John Antonuk

How do you keep equipment operating when the temperature changes by 150 degrees? John Antonuk keeps 4 radio stations running year-round in Fairbanks, Alaska. And that’s pretty impressive when you consider the harsh - and varying - conditions. John joins Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack on This Week in Radio Tech.

TWiRT Ep. 331 – IP Radio Success with Jeff Holdenrid

Microwave radio links have been around for a while, and now with so many IP Radios on the market, how does a broadcast engineer choose what’s right? Jeff Holdenrid with DoubleRadius has been installing and configuring these systems for over 15 years. He gives us the lowdown on the inexpensive, unlicensed systems up to fully licensed links for broadcast.

TWiRT Ep. 330 – War Stories with Tom Ray

It’s a “War Stories” episode with special guest, Tom Ray. Tom is a soldier in the broadcast engineering trenches every day. He joins Chris Tobin and me with tower snakes, mothball mice, and clever engineering tips for mobile, street-level remote broadcasts.

TWiRT Ep. 329 – FM Antenna Tuning with Dana Puopolo

That hunk of brass, copper, and stainless steel up on the tower is a lot more important than we often consider. The FM transmitting antenna launches a station’s signal to the audience. It can have a huge effect on the station’s listenability. Dana Puopolo joins Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack for anecdotes and specific advice about tuning FM transmitting antennas.

TWiRT Ep. 328 – Check the Radio and Turn Signals with...

Gentleman engineer, Mark Persons, talks about mentoring engineering students from 150 miles away. Custom EAS Relay panels. Plus 4 dB steps in some car radios volume controls is crazy! And car-buying advice you don’t want to miss. Plus Chris Tobin reports in from the Government Video Expo and Drone Show.