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This Week In Radio Tech

“TWiRT” is your go to show if you want to get behind the scenes on what makes broadcasting possible. The show addresses common issues as well as explaining past experiences from a wide array of hosts who each come from a different background in radio technology. This show is a must for any tech geek or for anyone who is interested in what goes on behind the boards and wires.

TWiRT Ep. 348 – VO Mics & Studios with Joe Cipriano

How does a top-shelf voice-over artist work on the road? He makes a “MacGyver studio”! Joe Cipriano joins us to talk mics, pre-amps, processing, and how voice-over work gets done today. Chris Tobin is here, too, from a hot transmitter room!

TWiRT Ep. 347 – Jeff Welton – IT Security and 400...

Canadians may be polite, but most don’t want you hacking their Internet-connected stuff. Jeff Welton from Nautel offers advice for IT security at the transmitter site, plus describes hand-on a 400 kW AM transmitter, and what tools to keep handy nowadays for solid-state transmitter maintenance.

TWiRT Ep. 346 – Live at NAB 2017

It’s the last day of NAB 2017! Before it’s over, Chris Tobin and I are bringing you some of the best radio broadcast tech at the show. Simon Jackson with flow batteries at transmitter sites in Fiji, Telos Alliance CEO Frank Foti is here, Mark Persons is here, and so is Fritz Golman.

TWiRT Ep. 345 – NAB 2017 Show Setup

Behind the scenes, we’re on location at the Las Vegas Convention Center during setup for the NAB Show. Chris Tobin takes us on a tour of booths being set up, while Joe Talbot and Juan Punyed talk about why we get together every year in the desert.

TWiRT Ep. 344 – Swedish Thai Radio with Kennet Andhersån

Kennet Andhersån grew up in Sweden, and worked in Swedish radio stations. Now he’s building and consulting stations in Thailand, plus developing software for broadcasters. Get a new perspective on radio engineering as Kennet joins Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack for This Week in Radio Tech.

TWiRT Ep. 343 – Where’s that Satellite with John Bisset

John Bisset is here! He’s the guy who writes the “Workbench” column in Radio World. Always quick with great ideas for radio engineers, John joins us to talk about moving your satellite dish, preparing for the worst when that doesn’t work, and more tips from the master of the workbench!