The Andrew Zarian Show Ep. 130 – Enamored Voices 1-12-12

The Andrew Zarian Show

This week on The Andrew Zarian Show: Andrew gives a tour of the newly redesigned GFQ studio. Is everyone happy with the new look? Andrew and Jess compare the new look to past studio designs. Andrew and Kunal discuss how the latest GFQ comedy show went. What were the stand out moments? Andrew talks about how crazy Tim Dillon gets when it comes to food. Andrew received an offer to sell GFQ over the break. What would he have done if he had sold GFQ? Beyonce and Jay-Z name their baby Blue Ivy. What is with celebrities naming their kids weird names? Andrew, Kunal, Jess, and Coco discuss how they are doing with their New Year resolutions. And The News with Jessica.

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