The Andrew Zarian Show Ep. 140 – Whisk Him Away 3-22-12

The Andrew Zarian Show

This week on The Andrew Zarian Show: Andrew and Coco speculate as to why Kunal wasn't able to make the show. Andrew and Jessica argue whether it's appropriate to loan a computer to a friend for a long period of time. Who's right and who's wrong? Andrew and Coco debrief this week's Chaunce Hayden Show. Is it really complete chaos behind the scenes? Chaunce Hayden calls in to help explain how crazy his life is. Could comedian Stacey Prussman have a thing for Chaunce? Jessica brings up the new movie The Hunger Games. Is it worth going to see? Andrew and Coco also talk about what they did for St. Patrick's day. And The News with Jessica.

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