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Behind The Counter With Rich and Jon

Behind the Counter is a weekly comic book/pop culture based show hosted by Rich Stambolian and Jonathan Adler. Both lifelong comic book fans; they have their brains set to the interesting world of all comic book related properties and media. This show brings the conversational vibe that you can only find at the cooler comic book stores live into your home each and every week.

Behind The Counter Ep. 112 – Make Mine Marvel (by default)...

Rich and Jon talk comics! They are back with some new news about your favorite funny books. They talk Alan Moore, Bendis, Avengers, Marvel's Axis event, The Ultimate Universe, Thor, Marvel's pro female approach to old characters, NYCC, and more!

Behind The Counter Ep. 111 – All AXIS 9-4-14

Rich and Jon are here to bring you the best in comic book talk and entertainment. This week they talk the fallout of Original Sin, The Death of Wolverine, current comic book movie castings, a long tangent about The Expendables, Moon Knight, Marvel's AXIS event, and much more.

Behind The Counter Ep. 110 – Outraged at the Outrage 8-21-14

Rich and Jon are gonna give you a talkin' to...about comics. This week the guys talk about what could be considered the new comics code within the hyper sensitive state of fandom and books that appear to be brash or offensive. They talk Multiversity and what Grant Morisson may be trying to say. They also talk Avengers and how the current world destroying storyline has more layers than a Napoleon.

Behind The Counter Ep. 109 – Prepare To Be Scared 8-14-14

Rich and Jon are here to deliver the excitement. This week they talk Walking Dead, digital comics, DC's funk, Image's ass kicking, Bendis, Hickman, Batman, Avengers, God is Dead, and Silent Hills. Get your nerd fix now!

Behind The Counter Ep. 108 – Namor’s a Dick 8-7-14

Rich and Jon have traveled far and wide to bring you the latest in kick ass comic book news and unmentionables. This week they chat the comic book movie schedule for the next six years, if it will lead to implosion, cosplay, Jon's review of Guardians of the Galaxy, NYCC, SDCC, their books of the week, Jonathan Hickman's Avengers, and much more.

Behind The Counter Ep. 107 – No Latino Heroes 7-17-14

Rich and Jon are back and they hit you with a smattering of huge Marvel comics news this week including female Thor, Fal-Cap, Ultron's look in the new Avengers movie, the future of the main Marvel movie franchises, no more mutants, Superior Iron Man, Original Sin, The Wicked and the Divine, Latino Superheroes, and much more good comic book stuff with an added dose of tomfoolery.