Behind The Counter Ep 1 – Arm Chair Super Heroes 8-12-11

Behind The Counter

On this weeks inaugural episode of Behind The Counter, Rich and Jon discussed a wide variety of topics including: The HBO Documentary “Superheroes”, The Death of Hellboy, Fantastic Four continuing side by side with FF, The new God of Thunder – Taranus – in the Marvel Universe, Dark Knight Rises having some scenes shot on the Queensboro Bridge and in the Stock Exchange, Books of the Week including Ultimate Fallout #5, Fear Itself #5, New Avengers #15, Punisher MAX #16, Amazing Spider-man #667 and a concern about ambitious stories which segued into THE NEGATIVE ZONE (3 minutes of unadulterated disappointment with one story – this weeks was Superman “Grounded”), Detective Comics #881 which segued into our creator spotlight of the week featuring Scott Snyder and his work on Detective Comics.