Behind The Counter Ep. 10 – BTC Future Foundation 10-13-11

Behind The Counter

In this special semi live and always high five episode of Behind The Counter Rich and Jon once again blow your mind with their bottomless knowledge of fine comics. They chat it up about comic con for a little bit, go into some of their favorite tangents, and keep it loose as they drop the hammer down on some of this weeks books. They talk about some New 52 #2s including Batgirl, Batwoman, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, and Suicide Squad. They then swing back with a haymaker full of Marvel books like; Amazing Spider-man, SHIELD, FF, New Avengers, Punisher, Punisher Max, X-Men Regenesis, and Ultimate Comics Spider-man. As always please do come back each and every week for some verbal hijinks, hi-brow lo-brow humor, and remember; their kung-fu may not be better than yours, but their beards might be!