Behind The Counter Ep. 6 – Blatino Heat 9-16-11

Behind The Counter

On this weeks spicy episode of Behind The Counter Rich and Jon talk comics. If you didn't know what the show was about before, well, now you know. This week after a mega spectacular spanish language intro they dove into some more DC New 52 books such as Superboy, Grifter, Red Lanterns, Batwoman, Batman and Robin, Mr. Terrific, Demon Knights, Frankenstein, Green Lantern, Deathstroke, Resurrection Man, and Suicide Squad. They jaw a bit about the upcoming New York comic con and comic con costumes. Then they go into some Marvel books of the week like Daredevil, New Ultimate Spider-man, Punisher Max, New Avengers, and Fear Itself. Remember folks, they love you all.