Behind The Counter Ep3 – Giant sized man thing 8-26-11

Behind The Counter

On this weeks action packed episode of Behind The Counter Rich and Jon address Marko
Djurdjevic and his last panel for Marvel, Kickass 2 #2, Batman Incorporated #8, Punisher
#2, Wolverine: The Best There Is, Wolverine #14, Ultimates #1, Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles #1, Azarello and Chiang on Wonder Woman, the possible new Deadman show
on CW, have an interview with Brandon Jerwa who is making a documentary about the
comics world called “Untold Tales of The Comic Industry”. Rich and Jon also go into
some comic con stories and share their love or fear of those events, talk about Atomic
Comics shutting down and Marvel trades now coming out in an affordable soft cover.
They delve into The Negative Zone this week with the new Swamp Thing mini series that
just wrapped up and how DC has let us down with poor endings lately. They also touch
on Stan Lee Media suing the makes of the new Conan movie with a special appearance
by Evil Stan Lee; who owns you and hates you.