Behind The Counter With Rich and Jon

Behind the Counter is a weekly comic book/pop culture based show hosted by Rich Stambolian and Jonathan Adler. Both lifelong comic book fans; they have their brains set to the interesting world of all comic book related properties and media. This show brings the conversational vibe that you can only find at the cooler comic book stores live into your home each and every week.

Behind The Counter Ep. 106 – Maintaining Your Image 7-3-14

Rich and Jon are here to give you their thoughts on the past couple of weeks in comic book news and reviews! This week they talk Original Sin, the Marvel rumor mill, Moon Knight, DC fixes, what Image books are flying off the shelf, Outcast, and much more!

Behind The Counter Ep. 105 – Rich and Jon V. The...

Rich and Jon jump at you like a fast ball special in this brand new episode of Behind the Counter. They talk all things comic book and pop culture and being with E3 coverage, chat about "A Dark Room", talk about the recent allegations about Bryan Singer, and concentrate on all peoples rights with regards to convention going, cosplay, and social media interaction. IT GETS DEEP.

Behind The Counter Ep. 104 – Give me your top three...

Rich and Jon return with a brand new Behind the Counter! This episode is full of comic book movie speculation, Jon's review of X-Men: Days Future Past, talks of the X-Men franchise, critical mass in comic movies, casting future Marvel properties, and on the spot favorite movies of all time and why.

Behind The Counter Ep. 103 – Fan Fiction Freakout Four 5-29-14

Rich and Jon are back with determination to bring you the best in comic book and pop culture speculation with a dose of humor added in for good measure. This episode takes us deep into Comic Book movies as they relate to their print counterparts, the future of the Avengers and the book's creative history, and fantasy writing possible Marvel/DC cameos.

Behind The Counter Ep. 102 – Critical Mass 5-22-14

Rich and Jon have crash landed right into your brain with this week's episode of Behind the Counter! They talk the current goings on of the comic book industry, big changes for DC comics, the hint of a possible Marvel/DC crossover, Forever Evil, Original Sin, critical mass with regards to comic book movies, Batman/Superman:Dawn of Justice, The Walking Dead, and Invincible! A whole lot of ground is covered so check it all out!

Behind The Counter Ep. 101 – Days Of Future Past 5-1-14

Behind the Counter is here with its 101th episode! Rich and Jon talk all things comics and pop culture with a heavy discussion about the X-Men movie franchise, a retooling of the property, They also talk about this summer's comic book movies and if the trend of comic movies will be affected by bad reviews. This episode is chock full of goodness!