Behind The Counter With Rich and Jon

Behind the Counter is a weekly comic book/pop culture based show hosted by Rich Stambolian and Jonathan Adler. Both lifelong comic book fans; they have their brains set to the interesting world of all comic book related properties and media. This show brings the conversational vibe that you can only find at the cooler comic book stores live into your home each and every week.

Behind The Counter Ep. 100 – 100th Episode Spectacular! 4-17-14

This is Behind the Counter's 100th Episode spectacular. Rich and Jon talk about the past 100 episodes and 100 years as well as finally show their comic con footage from New York Comic Con 2013. They talk about this years Comic Con, what they are most looking forward to, and of course they talk about the world of cosplay!

Behind The Counter Ep. 99 – 99 Problems But A Comic...

On this momentous 99th Episode of Behind the Counter; Rich and Jon are back with a hardcore grip on comic books. They talk some comic book news, Star Wars, Nathan Fillion, Batman Eternal, Daredevil, All New X-Men, Original Sin, Marvel's newish indie style approach to art, and much more!

Behind The Counter Ep. 98 – The Best There Is… Bub...

Your heroes are reborn! Rich and Jon take on all comers with this new episode of Behind the Counter. They talk at length about the character of Wolverine, his history, impact, and longevity. They also go into Walking Dead, Uncanny Avengers, Silver Surfer, Daredevil, and much more!

Behind The Counter Comics Ep. 97 – Who Are You Wearing...

Rich and Jon hit you hard across the chin with this week's episode of Behind the Counter! The guys talk about True Detective, Marvel Movies, Fantastic Four #2, Thor 2, Captain America 2, the latest issue of Batman, and have a pretty lengthy discussion about cosplay!

Behind The Counter Ep. 96 – What Do You Watch 3-6-14

Rich and Jon are here once again to deliver the comic book wallop that you have been waiting your entire lives for. This week the boys talk about Starlight #1, Jupiter's Legacy, Moon Knight, the new Marvel #1's, Forever Evil, and then dive into a conversation about Star Wars, which prompts a conversation about TV watching habits. Andrew Zarian chimes in and the three dudes take it to the next level!

Behind The Counter Ep. 95 – The Age Old Question 2-20-14

Rich Stambolian and Jonathan Adler know their comics. Look it up. This episode of Behind the Counter has the boys talking about spoiler alerts on comic boards, the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, the new Fantastic Four flick, some of Jon's celebrity hate, DC's Future's End, Wildstorm, a new direction Marvel looks to be taking, their books of the week, and more!