Behind The Counter With Rich and Jon

Behind the Counter is a weekly comic book/pop culture based show hosted by Rich Stambolian and Jonathan Adler. Both lifelong comic book fans; they have their brains set to the interesting world of all comic book related properties and media. This show brings the conversational vibe that you can only find at the cooler comic book stores live into your home each and every week.

Behind The Counter Ep. 94 – Trimming the Fat 2-6-14

Rich and Jon are back this week hitting you like an optic blast from the world's more hated mutant (that was a Cyclops reference) The boys talk about the Marvel movies, marvel movie continuity, the grand tradition of acting, and comic news. They also chat about what can be done about DC Comics and trimming the fat of the Marvel U. They also go into their picks of the week!

Behind The Counter Comics Ep 93 – When Will Comic Movies...

Rich is here! Jon is here! Behind the Counter is here with all of your much needed comic book news and views. This week the boys talk about upcoming Marvel movie projects, changes to film franchises, the X-men movies, Jon's celebrity hate, Thor: God of Thunder, Uncanny Avengers, Saga, and more. They also touch on a variety of topics - even the Grammy's!

Behind The Counter Comics Ep. 92 – Heavy On The Comics...

Rich Stambolian and Jonathan Adler return this week to kick your doors in and have a stern talking to you about all things comic book related. This week they chat about the QuizUP app, The Avengers comics, Hawkeye, the newest issue of Walking Dead, Batman: Year Zero, Wolverine: Origin 2, not really being fans of any incarnation of The Legion, getting old as a comic fan, surprise movie casting, Jonathan Hickman's writing, and much more!

Behind The Counter Comics Ep. 91 – The Best of 2013...

This week they talk about how they are getting older as fans, their 2013 best of recap and what really did it for them, Shia's plagiarism troll-a-thon, celebrities that Jon hates (what could turn into a new segment), their books of the week, and what they are most looking forward to in 2014!

Behind The Counter Comics Ep. 90 – Enter Sandman 12-19-13

This week's episode is based mainly on comic book movies ranging from the Batman/Superman news, Ant Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and DC flicks. They also talk about Uncanny Avengers, the state of DC vs Marvel, and wrap up the show with speculation about the newly announced Sandman feature.

Behind The Counter Comics Ep. 89 – Inhumanity 12-12-13

Join them on this new episode as they discuss some comic book news, upcoming events, past events, the history of The Inhumans, The Wolverine, comic book movies, the direction of many Marvel titles, and much more!