Friday night from 8pm to 10pm, three men square off–tethered only by the invisible chains of the Internet, in what can only be dubbed as The Free For All. Andrew Zarian, Coco Butter, and Spencer Kobren crack the conversational spines on anything from the things they watch on screens , the stuff they listen to, and even the juicy secrets whispered in the hallowed hallways of GFQ Headquarters. No topic is off limits and no one will be silenced during this candidly vocal battle royale.

The Free For All Ep. 119 – Broken Glass Theory 11-14-14

Kirk Harnack from TWiRT joins Andrew and Spencer. Andrew talks about remodeling his home and Jess' upcoming birthday party. Andrew brings up the Too Many Cooks viral video. Spencer brings up the new pictures of Kim Kardashian. Are the photos of her butt photoshopped? The guys ponder what life would be like without the internet. How would Andrew handle having a real job? Andrew brings up MTV Real World/Road Rules challenge star Diem Brown passing from cancer. And Coco calls in. Is he still miserable and depressed?

The Free For All Ep. 118 – Ebola Con 10-17-14

Andrew and Spencer talk about Andrew's recent trip to California. How much trouble did they get into this time around? Andrew shares the story of the gruesome twosome. Who are the gruesome twosome? The guys also discuss the Ebola hysteria. Is the CDC and government incapable of handling the Ebola situation? Andrew also talks about his first time going to the New York Comic Con. What does Andrew think of NYCC? And Chaunce Hayden calls in to tell us how he broke his arm, and also dating Judge Judy's daughter. Why does Chaunce have such bad luck in life?

The Free For All Ep. 117 – The Pastrami Fiasco 9-19-14

Andrew is joined in studio by his neighbor and musician Mikey Valente, and his friends Joe and Jojo. They talk about their musical preferences and share wild stories of growing up in Queens and playing gigs. Can anyone learn to play an instrument? Mike tells us about a bizarre dream he had. And Irish Adam calls in. Why does he hate the Trailer Park Boys?

The Free For All Ep. 116 – That’s So Gimmick 9-12-14

Andrew talks about Coco letting himself into his home and not knowing about it. Is that creepy? Andrew also rants about social media allowing someone to stalk him. Should Andrew stop posting his life on Twitter? Spencer shares some similar stories of crazy people on social media. The rants turn to how much of a scam review sites like Yelp are. Is it impossible to trust online reviews? And Colm calls in to call Andrew out for not getting him real New York pizza when he was there recently.

The Free For All Ep. 115 – Dead Behind The Eyes...

Coco is back, barely. He tells us how his trip to the Gwar-B-Q in Virginia went. Why would anyone travel to Virginia for a Gwar festival? Andrew rants about long car trips. Mike Phillips calls to school Andrew on the cost of owning and operating your own plane. Chaunce Hayden calls in to share stories about some of the worst interviews he's ever done. Andrew talks about a crazy experience getting pizza from Domino's. And why don't we have flying cars yet?

The Free For All Ep. 114 – Southern Style Bath House...

Josh Coleman joins Andrew in studio. What is Josh doing in Queens? Josh talks about selling Brony t-shirts. Andrew teases Coco for driving to some Gwar festival in Virginia. Spencer talks about being scarred after his father took him to a Turkish bath as a kid. What's the deal with bath houses? Mike Phillips calls to discuss why Jews largely vote democrat and Saul Alinsky. Andrew and Spencer rant about stupidity on Facebook. And the guys discuss racism. Is racism going away or getting worse?