Friday night from 8pm to 10pm, three men square off–tethered only by the invisible chains of the Internet, in what can only be dubbed as The Free For All. Andrew Zarian, Coco Butter, and Spencer Kobren crack the conversational spines on anything from the things they watch on screens , the stuff they listen to, and even the juicy secrets whispered in the hallowed hallways of GFQ Headquarters. No topic is off limits and no one will be silenced during this candidly vocal battle royale.

The Free For All Ep. 113 – Lord Of Detroit 8-8-14

Coco is back! Andrew, Spencer, and Coco discuss oldies music. Is Elvis the greatest artist of all time? Comedian Tim Dillon calls to completely distract Andrew with a bizarre video of a mutual friend. What is the ice bucket challenge? Andrew talks about feeling old after binging on booze and food over the weekend. Andrew also brings up Don Rickles, Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson. Why did the OJ Simpson trial want to make Andrew a lawyer?

The Free For All Ep. 112 – Money, What Is It...

Andrew rants about people asking him for podcasting advice but only wanting to find out how to make money podcasting. Are people too concerned about how much money other people have? Andrew and Spencer discuss how financially dangerous it is to purchase a home if you really can't afford it. Are millennials indoctrinated into living above their means? Spencer brings up the Ebola outbreak. Should the Ebola infected Americans be flown back to the US? Andrew and Spencer also discuss the idiotic things people say on social media.

The Free For All Ep. 111 – San Francisco Get Away...

Andrew and Spencer share stories about their recent vacation to LA, San Francisco, and Napa Valley. Did the drinking get out of control? Andrew also shares about his horrible experience with homeless overrunning a Hilton Hotel, and his flight back to New York getting canceled. Is Virgin Airline all it's hyped up to be? Andrew also talks about his surprise visit to TWiT.TV. What happened what he and Leo Laporte came face to face?

The Free For All Ep. 110 – Respect The Niche 6-27-14

Coco calls in to try and get Andrew and Spencer on board with local soccer teams. Andrew and Spencer also discuss the World Cup hype in America. Andrew rants about not liking broadcaster Tom Leykis. What does Andrew have against Tom Leykis? Mike Phillips calls to comment on whether or not Andrew's dislike of Tom Leykis is unreasonable. Andrew also gives us his tips for dating.

The Free For All Ep. 109 – Don’t Drive Angry 6-6-14

Coco is once again MIA. Is he still upset with Andrew for calling him out on his bizarre social behavior? Andrew and Spencer discuss the Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger. Is the pick up artist community partially to blame for Elliot Rodger's rampage? Brian Monroe calls to lend his opinion on why Elliot Rodger went crazy. Sunkast calls in to compare Elliot Rodger to two 12 year old girls that nearly stabbed a friend to death to please a fictitious internet character named Slenderman. What makes some people cross the line to kill, but not others?

The Free For All Ep. 108 – Eeyore Complex 5-30-14

Andrew tries to get Jessica to agree with him about Coco acting weird in social settings. Andrew and Jess debate who the most normal person on GFQ is. Andrew confronts Jess over her TV watching habits. Andrew brings up how dumb some people are. Jess argues that a low IQ doesn't necessarily mean a person is stupid. Andrew and Jess also discuss cheating in a relationship. Spencer Mike Phillips call to weigh in on whether porn can save a failing relationship. And Andrew complains about FedEx breaking something he ordered.