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What The Tech Ep. 355 – MacBook Pro and Sony PS4...

Stevie Richards and Andrew Zarian compare notes about the new Apple MacBook Pro. What are their likes and dislikes with Apple's new MacBook Pro. Stevie also talks about the trouble he has with his Sony Playstation. Stevie also discusses what equipment he uses to create his fitness videos.

TWiRT Ep. 347 – Jeff Welton – IT Security and 400...

Canadians may be polite, but most don’t want you hacking their Internet-connected stuff. Jeff Welton from Nautel offers advice for IT security at the transmitter site, plus describes hand-on a 400 kW AM transmitter, and what tools to keep handy nowadays for solid-state transmitter maintenance.

Mat Men Ep. 184 – Say Hello To The Bad Guy!...

We are back with another stellar edition of Mat Men! The boys start the show off with some pretty amazing Pacino impressions then dive right into this week in pro wrestling. They talk Payback, the matches, the outcomes, RAW, Smackdown, JINDER, and lots of NJPW!

What The Tech Ep. 354 – Microsoft Announces Windows 10 S...

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 S and Surface laptop. What is Windows 10 S, and how does it differ from Windows RT? Brad Sams runs down Microsoft's new Surface Laptop. Why is Microsoft launching a laptop now?

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 173 – The ability to be totally...

We reviewed "Maximum Ride," not to be confused with "Maximum Overdrive" or "Maximum Drive" (which may or may not be movies at all). If you like bird-related nomenclature, you'll love this movie. If you love movies, you will probably not love this movie. Either way, you will enjoy this episode because we watched this flocking thing so you don't have to.

TWiRT Ep. 346 – Live at NAB 2017

It’s the last day of NAB 2017! Before it’s over, Chris Tobin and I are bringing you some of the best radio broadcast tech at the show. Simon Jackson with flow batteries at transmitter sites in Fiji, Telos Alliance CEO Frank Foti is here, Mark Persons is here, and so is Fritz Golman.