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Mat Men Ep. 177 – The Glory days of Pro Wrestling

This week on Mat Men we are joined by Harry Terjanian and Matt Ryan. Harry and Matt are in to promote the upcoming Capitol Wrestling event in Jersey City on March 25th. The guys talk about the road to Wrestlemania and discuss wrestling from their childhood.

What The Tech Ep. 347 – AMD Making A Comeback

Andrew talks about getting Android 7 on his Samsung phone. Andrew and Paul follow up on the new AMD Ryzen chips. Is AMD back in the game? Paul talks about the state of UWP apps. Are UWP apps a joke?

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 170 – Oh, it was a sausage

No need to watch "Yoga Hosers" because our recap is more entertaining than the movie ever will be. We know that's not saying much, but trust us.

Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth – The Dangerous Politics of Hair...

Whether it’s hair transplant surgery, scalp Micro pigmentation (SMP), or purchasing a hair piece, while hair loss and hair transplant forums can be invaluable resources, there is no substitute for having  face to face consultations and meeting and speaking with actual patients or clients.

TWiRT Ep. 340 – War Stories with Robbie Green

Move 4 radio studios across town. You’ve got two weeks. Go! Oh, and scrounge some equipment to make the STL systems work with an old T-1 circuit. And, find some time to replace seven FM transmitters with new, solid-state units and full HD Radio. That’s the world of engineer, Robbie Green. Robbie joins Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack on This Week in Radio Tech.

Mat Men Ep. 176 – IT Factor Times Eight

Mat Men is back after a pit stop in the Fastlane! (That makes no sense!) The boys from the net talk WWE Fastlane, RAW, Smackdown, what worked for them and what didn't, the build to Wrestlemania, storylines, Wrestlemania main events, and more!!