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This Week In Radio Tech

“TWiRT” is your go to show if you want to get behind the scenes on what makes broadcasting possible. The show addresses common issues as well as explaining past experiences from a wide array of hosts who each come from a different background in radio technology. This show is a must for any tech geek or for anyone who is interested in what goes on behind the boards and wires.

TWiRT Ep. 364 – Stereo Tool & Omnia Processing with Hans...

Stereo Tool is a popular PC-based audio processor for FM, DAB, and web streaming. Radio Engineer, Matt Levin, tells us about installing and using Stereo Tool. Plus, Hans van Zutphen, the author of Stereo Tool, describes how Omnia audio processors benefit from Stereo Tools users’ feedback.

TWiRT Ep. 363 – Alexa, Tell the Studio I Hate That...

What’s Interactive Radio? It’s when listeners have real-time input to the on-air talent. And what could be a more natural interaction than the human voice? Dan McQuillin at Broadcast Bionics introduces interactive radio using Amazon Echo or Google Home. His company’s code and service, added to Alexa Skills, brings instant listen feedback and sentiment to any radio show.

TWiRT Ep. 362 – Hot Tech with Tony Gervasi

From budget equipment for LPFMs and translators, to super-reliable transmitters and streaming video systems, Tony Gervasi advises broadcasters about the best technology and equipment for their situation. Tony’s an expert at implementing the right tech for the right job and market size.

TWiRT Ep. 361 – Custom Multi-Casting with Marcos O’Rourke

We’re live from KWAVE Radio in Santa Ana, California. KWAVE runs similar, yet thoroughly customized programming in 3 different markets - San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. The various interconnections use several different forms of Studio-Transmitter Links. Marcos O’Rourke joins us to talk about the challenges and solutions. Plus, Chris and Kirk talk about the recent total solar eclipse.

TWiRT Ep. 360 – Moving My Samoan Stations

After 18 years in Pago Plaza, Kirk’s Samoan radio stations are moving - to a better studio and office location. This means reconfiguring three STL paths and adding an IP Radio link to the mix. Plenty of photos and video of rebuilding studios and a rack room on a tropical island.

TWiRT Ep. 359 – Help Us Help You

Do you dread contacting Tech Support? Or do you look forward to getting the help you need quickly? There are ways to get the most from Tech Support at almost any company. Jamey Miller, Jake Alderman, and Bryan Jones are Support Engineers. They join Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack for some real-life advice on getting what you need to solve your radio tech problem.