Podcast Editing on Fiverr

Hey guys. I'm John Bubb, aka Sunkast. You know me as the guy that does a lot of the post production for our shows and upkeep of the GFQ web site.  Every so often I get people that ask what tools I use to edit shows or if I provide my services outside of GFQ.

As of this week I have started a Fiverr where you can hire me to edit your podcast. Fiverr is a web site where you can find skilled people offering a wide range of services, including podcast editing. Using Fiverr, you can hire me to edit your podcast for as little as $5!

What do you get for $5? My basic gig gets you up to 30 minutes of audio where I reduce background noise such as hum or line noise, normalize levels, and add EQ. I can also add an intro, outro, or background music to your podcast for an additional $5. That's really great value!

To hire me and to see more information check out my Fiverr.