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Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast

Mat Men is a weekly pro wrestling news and speculation podcast hosted by Andrew Zarian, Rich Stambolian. They are passionate about pro wrestling and about presenting their love for the product in a mature and well worded way with a big dose of laughter and goofing off. Wrestling fans unite and let cooler heads prevail while these boys regale you with their take on the squared circle.

Mat Men Ep. 173 – Rise of the Big Men

Mat Men is live once again this week with your hot sauce boys Andrew and Rich plus Mr. Hot himself: Justin Robert Young! The trio talk about the last week in wrestling and how major it was! Elimination Chamber, Bray Wyatt, building storylines, Wrestlemania, and the rise of the big men! They also chat about the XFL and more!

Mat Men Ep. 172 – Elimination Chamber Rundown

The Mat Men are snowed in this week as they do their first broadcast from two locations. Andrew and Rich chat about all things pro wrestling like only they can and they cover a wide range of topics this week including Elimination Chamber, Samoa Joe on RAW, Goldberg vs Kevin Owens, Wrestlemania, a wrestling dinosaur, Smackdown VS RAW, NJPW, Shibata, Matt Riddle, Kushida, and much more!

Mat Men Ep. 171 – Seth Rollins Injured May Miss Wrestlemania

This week on Mat Men Andrew and Rich discuss Seth Rollins latest injury and who could possibly be Triple H’s new opponent at Wrestlemania 33. Samoa Joe Debuted on Raw this week but his plans got ruined. Who will he be feuding with. We also discussed John Cena's Possible Wrestlemania match. Spoiler: You won’t be took pleased. Royal Rumble 2017 and NXT Take over Recap and more.

Mat Men Ep. 170 – Royal Rumble 2017

Andrew and Coco run down the 2017 Royal Rumble PPV card.

Mat Men Ep. 169 – WrestleMania 33 spoiler?

Wrestlemania 33 spoilervideo
Guess what guys!? Andrew and Rich talk about the Royal Rumble! They discuss the card, the appearances, their predictions, and go through the card of what is sure to be a historic event in WWE. This leads right into Wrestlemania and the guys talk about who they think will win and walk out the champ!

Mat Men Ep. 168 – Who will win the 2017 Royal...

Bryan Alvarezvideo
Bryan Alvarez joins Andrew and talk The Royal Rumble. They go all out and speculate about who will appear, who will win, your big moments, and who will end up on the Road To Wrestlemania! Also Bryan gives us a little preview as to who might be the possible winner of this years Royal Rumble.