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Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast

Mat Men is a weekly pro wrestling news and speculation podcast hosted by Andrew Zarian, Rich Stambolian. They are passionate about pro wrestling and about presenting their love for the product in a mature and well worded way with a big dose of laughter and goofing off. Wrestling fans unite and let cooler heads prevail while these boys regale you with their take on the squared circle.

Mat Men Ep. 161 – WWE TLC Fallout

Brother Andrew and Brother Rich are here once again to chat wrestling with all ya'll. The guys cover everything from TLC to RAW to Smackdown to 205 live to NXT to ROH Final Battle all the way up to NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom headlined by Okada and Kenny Omega this coming January. They talk news, rumors, and potential Wrestlemania booking.

Mat Men Ep. 160 – Drink It In Man

On this special Thanksgiving edition of Mat Men the guys give thanks...to you guys for supporting them for whhhewww almost five years! This episode is a little early and the guys talk about Survivor Series, RAW, Smackdown, future booking, Royal Rumble outcomes, the main event scene, mainstream wrestling, ECW, and they fantasy book WCW.

Mat Men Ep. 159 – WWE Survivor Series 2016

WWE Survivor Series 2016video
This week the boys of the mat give you their recap of NXT NYC at Madison Square Garden, they talk WWE Survivor Series 2016, predict the event, talk the Undertaker's return, what Lesnar/Goldberg will lead to, The possible SHIELD reunion, future main roster stars, and they chat NXT: Takeover Toronto. They also open the amazing gift that was sent to them from McDonald's! YES - THAT McDonald's.

Mat Men Ep. 158 – Hulk Hogan Returning to The WWE?

Hulk Hogan Returning to WWEvideo
s Hulk Hogan Returning to the WWE? On this week's Mat Men the dudes chat about the pretty sweet build up to Survivor Series! They talk the card, what it means for each brand and performers, they talk Goldberg's future, Brock's Future, a possible Hogan return, and some fantasy booking! Also Will we see Shawn Michaels return for one last match? All this and more on this weeks Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast.

Mat Men Ep. 157 – The Undertaker returns to Smackdown

The Undertaker returns to Smackdownvideo
The Undertaker returning to Smackdown and Mat Men survived Hell this week! Hell In a Cell!! The dudes talk Hell in a Cell, results and feedback, possible Survivor Series 2016 spoiler, RAW, Smackdown, Jericho, Royal Rumble 2017, Goldberg vs Brock 2, The 205 live show, future storylines, TNA and much much more. Join Andrew and Rich on this solid episode!

Mat Men Ep. 156 – FloSlam.tv takes independent wrestling to the...

On this episode of Mat Men the guys talk about the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV, the matches, the feuds, the insight! They chat about internet fandom and hyper critical wrestling fans who love to hate on wrestling. They also discuss the latest news surrounding TNA Impact wrestling. The Fight Network recently paid for a series of TV tapings, does this mean they will be the possible new owner? Flosport.tv recently announced a new online streaming service called Floslam. floslam.tv will carry a number of independent promotions. We also discuss NJPW and how they are able to take a mid card name and make them into a mega star.