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IAIB Network Spotlight

The International Association of Internet Broadcasters presents this spotlight program to showcase some of today’s top Internet Broadcasters. The IAIB Spotlight provides not only educational resources but representation, and networking opportunities to Internet Broadcasting professionals as well as to all of those interested in becoming part of the most rapidly emerging broadcast medium.

IAIB Spotlight Ep. 22 – Dave Jackson Interview 11-2-13

Andrew Zarian interviews Dave Jackson from SchoolOfPodcasting.com. Dave has been podcasting since 2005. How did he get started podcasting? Dave also offers tips and advice for anyone who is looking to start a podcast. And Andrew asks Dave to share his thoughts on making money with podcasting. Is there a secret to making money? Plus where does Dave see podcasting going in 2014?

IAIB Spotlight Ep. 21 – Chris Tobin Interview 11-15-13

Andrew Zarian interviews radio engineering extraordinaire Chris Tobin. Chris has been an engineer for more than 15 years, working for both ABC and CBS in New York, and several big name talents in radio. What does it take to be a radio engineer these days? Chris gives some advice for anyone starting a career in radio and how he got his start. Has getting a job in radio changed much over the years? Chris also discusses internet broadcasting. What should those looking to get into internet broadcasting focus on?

IAIB Spotlight Ep. 20 – Mike Myers Interview 11-8-13

Andrew Zarian interviews Mike Myers from Tech-Zen.tv. Mike has several shows covering a wide range of topics including church technology, security, and technology. Does Mike often get confused with Mike Myers the actor? Mike also shares how he got into broadcasting, his studio set up, and his work flow to produce and publish shows.

IAIB Spotlight Ep. 19 – Bryan Alvarez Interview 11-1-13

Andrew Zarian interviews Bryan Alvarez from Figure Four Online and Wrestling Observer. Bryan has been broadcasting all the way since the days of eYada radio. He shares how he got into broadcasting and the challenges of taking phone calls with a 1-900 number. Bryan also brings up what it's like asking listeners to pay for content, Art Bell, and his wrestling.

IAIB Spotlight Ep. 18 – Stephen Heywood Interview 10-18-13

Andrew Zarian interviews Stephen Heywood from the TTB Network, aka The Tech Buzz. Stephen talks about how he got interested in internet broadcasting and the many challenges he's faced learning the craft. How did The Tech Buzz come about? Stephen also discusses internet broadcasting, Wirecast, Tricaster, and the future of the TTB Network.

IAIB Spotlight Ep. 17 – Rich Butler Interview 10-11-13

Andrew interviews MyTakeRadio's Rich Butler. MyTakeRadio is a podcast that discusses MMA, wrestling, video games, culture, movies, and technology. Rich explains how MyTakeRadio started and his recent move into adding video to his podcast. Rich also talks about challenges his faced with his podcast and the equipment he uses.