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The GFQ Network (Guys From Queens Network) has ascended the ranks of Internet talk radio since 2009. Each of GFQ’s shows are produced in studio at their Queens location, which is home to their numerous long-running programs.

In April 2009 Andrew Zarian founded The Guys From Queens Network with the simple idea to bring Internet talk radio to the mainstream. Internet Radio being on the most current and viable form of communication on any subject propelled The GFQ Network to new heights of Internet popularity.

Joined by over a dozen unique individuals that make up the GFQ family; you can see live broadcasts simply by visiting the live page at gfqlive.tv or checking out the wide range of shows archived at gfqnetwork.com

Viewers can watch live each day or download/subscribe to their favorite shows through a number of apps or sites including iTunes and YouTube.com

The passionate members of the GFQ family are made up of a wide variety of authors, comedians, entertainers, futurists, podcasting professionals, broadcasters, and larger than life personalities who are dedicated to bring you the best in Internet talk programming. The GFQ Network covers everything including current events, pop-culture, the latest tech news, editorials, and entertainment on a daily basis in high quality. There is truly something for every viewer.