What The Tech Ep. 195 – Best Tech Products of 2013 12-31-13

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Andrew and Paul discuss what they think is the best tech products of 2013. Andrew's list includes the iPad Air, Xbox One, Nexus 5, and the Nokia 520 Windows Phone. Andrew also offers what he thinks is the best service of the year, Google Hangouts. Paul's best of 2013 list includes Google's Nexus 7, Roku 3, Xbox One, and Xbox Music. Why did Microsoft's Xbox One come out as the best console over the Playstation 4? Andrew and Paul also discuss what they hope to is in 2014.


Best phone: Nexus 5, Moto X , Nokia Lumia 520
Best tabet: iPad Air / Mini 2
Best video game system: Microsoft Xbox One
Best entry level mic: ATR2100 Mic
Best service: Google Hangouts


Best phone: Nokia Lumia 520
Best tablet: Google Nexus 7
Best of the living room: Roku 3
Best cloud service: Microsoft Xbox Music
Best video game system: Microsoft Xbox One