The Chaunce Hayden Show Ep. 13 – I Married A Mobster 9-28-11

The Chaunce Hayden Show

This week on The Chaunce Hayden Show: Chaunce takes issue with a recent Dr. Oz show he watched about cancer. Is he convinced he has cancer after hearing all the symptoms? Andrew and Shauna get a little disgusted when Chaunce starts talking about poop. Chaunce also thinks he has a bad liver. We start a pool to guess when and how Chaunce will die. Cheryl Caruso from the TV Show ‘I Married A Mobster.' She talks about finding out her husband is in the mob and a very similar mob show. Cheryl also brings her Talero Tequila for everyone to try. And we play “Guess My Fetish” with Dom Jezebelle.

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