The Chaunce Hayden Show Ep 2 – BlogWorld Expo NYC 2011 5-25-11

The Chaunce Hayden Show

The Chaunce Hayden Show this week is live from the 2011 NYC BlogWorld Expo. Chaunce explains how frustrating it was trying to find the GFQ booth at the Jacob Javits Center. Andrew picks on Chaunce's notes for the show. Kieran and Rock from Lunatic Radio sit in during the show. Chaunce takes the opportunity to ask them how they feel about internet broadcasting. Adam Cohen from DadaRocks explains how he convinced BlogWorld to come to New York. The lights start turning off during the interview. Chaunce rants about how he only gets to do a 10 minute show and all the guests he had lined up for the week. They get desperate and start yelling to see if anyone is even left in the building.

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