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Galaxy Nexus

Mobile Wifi Hotspot and Tethering App for Galexy Nexus

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Here is a Tip on getting Mobile Hotspot/ USB Teathering to work on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Verizon. There is no need to do Rooting to get this to work. This is not a Hack just a simple app for the phone !

Visit the Android marketplace and download Wifi Hotspot and Tethering by SVTP

How to Improve Battery Life on Galaxy Nexus

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Here is another simple tip for your Galaxy Nexus Phone.

Easter Egg Flying Androids

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This tip was submitted by one of our viewers. Thank you for the great tip!

Improve Low Speaker Volume On Galaxy Nexus

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One of the biggest complaints we have received about the Galaxy Nexus is the speak volume. Even in testing we noticed that its extremely low and very difficult to hear music or callers. This app Fixes the problem.

Go to the Android Marketplace and download a Free app called Volume+ Free Link:

High Quality Youtube Videos

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While reading reviews about the Galaxy Nexus I noticed many users have been complaining about the quality of YouTube videos over LTE and 3g . There is a very simple fix for this issue.

In the YouTube App settings click on General Settings and check the box next to “High Quality on Mobile” box.

Text Rather then Answer call

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Andrew discovered a cool feature when answering or declining a call. Rather then declining the phone call you can now send a text message with one easy swipe.


We will be adding more Tips and Tricks in the coming weeks. If you have any please add them in our comments.