Friday night from 8pm to 10pm, three men square off–tethered only by the invisible chains of the Internet, in what can only be dubbed as The Free For All. Andrew Zarian, Coco Butter, and Spencer Kobren crack the conversational spines on anything from the things they watch on screens , the stuff they listen to, and even the juicy secrets whispered in the hallowed hallways of GFQ Headquarters. No topic is off limits and no one will be silenced during this candidly vocal battle royale.

The Free For All Ep. 125 – Bro Dudes From Queens...

Andrew talks about GFQ making Yahoo's 15 craziest Roku channels. What other crazy channels are on the list? Coco shares what his vacation to the Dominican Republic was like. Did Coco get any? Chaunce Hayden calls in to also talk about what it's like in the Dominican Republic. Andrew talks about the crazy business idea someone pitched to him about selling ice cream and sharpening knives. Andrew and Coco discuss Sports Illustrated using plus sized models for the first time.

The Free For All Ep. 124 – Shallow Hal 1-23-15

Josh Coleman joins Andrew, Spencer and Coco in studio! Andrew shows off his outfit of the day. What possessed him to where such an awful outfit? The guys discuss whether athletes should be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs. The guys also take a trip down memory lane to talk about old celebrities like Henry Wrinkler, Audrey Hepburn and Welcome Back Kotter.

The Free For All Ep. 123 – New Year’s Last Meal...

Coco talks about being cigarette free for 3 years. What's been the hardest part? Andrew rants about e-cigs and his smoking addiction. Andrew also rants about New Year's Eve. Why doesn't Andrew like NYE? Andrew explains how he got food poisoning. Andrew and Coco share what they would have for their last meal. The guys also talk about the last time they hung our together. Why do they keep attracting weirdos when they go out? Andrew talks about a stalker he once had.

The Free For All Ep. 122 – The Peter Pan Gene...

Andrew talks about his trip to California to see Spencer. Why was Andrew in Cali again? Andrew also talks about his MMA training session while in Cali. Andrew, Coco, and Spencer discuss the Sony hacking scandal. Why is Al Sharpton getting involved with Sony? Chaunce Hayden calls in to ask the guys how much they think a harness driver makes and other weird things. And Coco talks about hanging out with beautiful girls. What beautiful woman would invite Coco to hang out?

The Free For All Ep. 121 – Gwarbage People 12-5-14

Andrew Zarian, Spencer Kobren, and Coco discuss the grand jury decision not to indict the cop in the death of Eric Garner. Are the protesters taking things too far? Spencer explains why he will never let Jessica order a cab. What happened? Andrew's Mom calls in and confirms a few things for us. And Andrew tries to understand Coco's obsession with Gwar. Chaunce Hayden calls to let us know how his torn bicep is doing. And Dr. Yimenez returns.

The Free For All Ep. 120 – There’s Always Room For...

Andrew and Spencer discuss the rape allegations against Bill Cosby. Was CNN's Don Lemon's questions to an alleged rape victim out of line? Joe from Staten Island calls and promptly brings the show to a screeching halt over a dumb issue he has with Spencer. Brian Monroe calls to discuss marriage with Andrew, Spencer and Coco. Do women nowadays marry only for money? And Colm calls in for no apparent reason.