The Skinny Pig: Dinner at The Three Hens

The Skinny Pig

By Dara Pollak

Wedged in between the likes of basmati rice and raita in Curry Hill sits The Three Hens, a non-Indian, contemporary restaurant featuring American comfort food with fun and exotic twists. I have to say that I enjoyed some of these twists, while others just left me a little perplexed or indifferent. One that left me perplexed in a good way was, believe it or not, the bread basket and honey butter with hay ash. Yea…about that…

So hay ash is apparently exactly what it sounds like. Hay, burned then ground into a smoky ash, and in this case, dusted on top of some sweet honey butter. The purpose? Aside from that cool carbon color, it is believed to pull out the sweetness from the honey butter with a smoky finish. I didn't really get a lot of smoke, but either way I could have eaten that stuff with the fresh warm bread all day.

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