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Podcast Without Pretense

Originally started as a podcast about uncluttering your life, "Podcast Without Pretense" is the successor to "Uncluttercast." Eric Sandine, Jonathan Strickland and Iyaz Akhtar discuss anything that pops into their heads. We don't know what we'll talk about until we start recording.

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 172 – Carmelized friends on the ceiling

Jonathan, Iyaz and Eric take on "Satanic." No, it has nothing to do with the "Titanic." However, the movie was quite lousy. Here's an alternate title to this episode for your amusement: "Jesus, take the wheel and find a gas station."

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 171 – Atlanta in the Crosshairs

Jonathan and Eric talk about the movie "Ejecta" and explain why it's not worth your time. Then they talk about how Atlanta is apparently under an ancient Egyptian curse or something. And they even find time to chat about books.

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 170 – Oh, it was a sausage

No need to watch "Yoga Hosers" because our recap is more entertaining than the movie ever will be. We know that's not saying much, but trust us.

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 169 – The jungle is unamusing

The trio take on "Welcome to the Jungle." It's not a good movie, it's not a bad movie -- it's a movie. Watch our episode over ever watching the movie. Seriously, there is almost no reason to watch "Welcome to the Jungle."

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 168 – The eloquence of the loquacious...

A low key episode that flies by like a piano falling out of a window.

Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 167 – Smoking the finger

This is the in-depth review of "Bloody Valley: Seed's Revenge" you have been clamoring for for so long. Next time: we take on JCVD's "Welcome to the Jungle."