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Hosted by Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurott; What The Tech!? delivers what every techy needs and that is a spotlight on new and emerging technologies from around the world. They cover everything that is up and coming as well as do live unboxings along with reviews of current products. Join in the conversation because it doesn’t matter if you’re a noob or a tech vet. You will find something you like!

What The Tech Ep. 383 – CES Future Trends

Andrew and Jon discuss CES 2018 and it's evolution over the years. Is CES past it's prime? The guys also try to predict this year's trends which include more home autiomation and digital assistants, the future of VR, and the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9. Shouls Samsung have announced the S9 at CES?

What The Tech Ep. 382 – Worst Tech Of 2017

Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott discuss some of what they believe is the worst tech of 2017 including the latest security blunder for Intel CPUs, the Essential phone, and the continuing decline of PC sales. Will Intel be able to fix the security flaw in it's chips?

What The Tech Ep. 381 – Best Tech of 2017

Andrew and Paul run down the best of tech in 2017 including the iPhone X, the 8th gen Intel chips, Microsoft Surface laptop, the Xbox One X, and streaming TV services like Hulu TV and YouTube TV. Andrew and Paul also touch on Apple admitting to throttling performance on older iPhones.

What The Tech Ep. 380 – Windows 10 on Snapdragon

Paul talks about his trip to Hawaii where Qualcomm introduced new Snapdragon processors that will be used for Windows 10 PCs. How will Windows on ARM affect Intel? Paul also talks about buying a Macbook Microsoft's foldable phone patents, and the iPhone X.

What The Tech Ep. 379 – Windows on Arm Battery Life

Andrew and Paul discuss Windows on Arm, specifically the battery life we might see from Windows on Arm devices. Andrew and Paul also talk about the Windows 10 Fall Creators update, rumors of Andromeda OS on a Surface Phone, and lingering questions about the sales of Apple's iPhone 8. Is the iPhone 8 Apple's least selling iPhone?

What The Tech Ep. 378 – The Net Neutrality Discussion

Andrew and Paul debate net neutrality. Plus Andrew and Paul discuss the Xbox One X and 4K TV. Is now the time to buy an Xbox One X or 4K TV? And Microsoft says it has 600 million Windows 10 users.