Front Page Tech To Partner with GFQ

The GFQ Network is excited to announce a partnership with Front Page Tech.

Beginning in January of 2016, content produced by Front Page Tech will appear on the GFQ Network website. Andrew Zarian founder and CEO of the GFQ Network had the following to say: “I am very excited to have Jon and the entire team of Front Page Tech join the GFQ family. We are always looking for new and innovative content to add and these guys have ‘IT.’”

Front Page Tech produces two fantastic shows, Front Page Tech and The FPT Podcast.

Launched in 2013 and hosted by Jon Prosser, Front Page Tech is an award winning show combining the perfect mixture of humor and knowledge to drive a show that connects with anyone, of any age, whether you fully understand technology or not. Front Page Tech is released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The FPT Podcast is an hour long podcast hosted by Jon Prosser, Lucas Ciprian, Jordan Brown and Brian Shoop. The FPT Podcast allows the hosts to share more of their insights and dive deeper into not only topics on technology, but other topics as well. It’s a way for them to sit down with viewers and unwind at the end of the week. The FPT Podcast is released every Thursday.

About Front Page Tech

Front Page Tech, as a brand, was created in January of 2013. We're a group of talented creators with experience dating back to 2006. As a team, we share a strong passion for technology and gaming, and we produce content that we would want to watch. On paper, it all sounds pretty simple, but through our content, we've created a stronger connection with our viewers than you will see in most places. We create community based on personality, not based on content — and because of that, we've been able to expand our content while maintaining our fan base.