Introducing Nice Podcast

From the gritty streets of New York City to your angelic ears come the four hardest hitting comedic devils to ever enter the podcasting realm. With an edgy, hilarious, and in your face brand of humor that’s going to turn our world upside down as they wreak havoc on any mic that…

Stop, stop, stop…see that crap above? A lot of announcements about anything make these corny grandiose statements about whatever they announce. Adjectives and egos puked onto paper. It’s terrible. Reads like Michael Bay saying “hello.”

We’re not that.

We are Nice Podcast.

We are Neil Constantine, KC Arora, Chris Carolan, and Max Boyajian. Four comics/filmmakers who made a show to hang with whomever to talk about anything that isn’t standup comedy.

Sometimes, we’ll be hilarious. Sometimes, we’ll be interesting. Sometimes both and sometimes you’ll hate how ignorant and inhumane we can be. You’re grown ups. Jump in the fire and see what you can take.

GFQ is proud to have us on their network starting May 19th, 2014. They’re dope for that.

If this batch of words convinces you to listen, then your curiosity is cool with us and everyone else can kick rocks.

Terrible People; Nice Podcast.