The Flix Book Club

GFQ is proud to announce the newest edition to it's podcast network: The Flix Book Club. The Flix Book Club brings KC Arora (a GFQ staple), Dennis Rooney (stand up comedian) and Stephen MacDonald (filmmaker) together to introduce the first Netflix book club. Every week these three watch a movie that's streaming on Netflix, and then they get together and talk about it.

We all love watching movies, and we all love talking to our friends about them. The Flix Book Club is an organized way of getting lots of people to watch the same movie so that we can all share our thoughts on them – plus they're only movies that are streaming on Netflix, so it's readily available on your TV or computer. Check out a new episode every Wednesday, and be sure to watch that weeks pick ahead of time!

Join the discussion by submitting your own comments or movie suggestions on The Flix Book Club wants you to be part of the fun. So check us out and listen to the podcast! Join the club.