Gonna Celebrate SP Joining The Smart Home Train

This week in the show we discuss how Apple could be moving iPhone manufacturing from China, how the Amazon Alexa wall clock is out (and we try to find a use for it), Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo reaching space for the first time, Apple Music Connect shutting down and more information on the Pixel 3 lite.

Finally, Stargate Pioneer tells us about his recent entry in to the smart home world including his objectives, what he chose, his failures, his successes and his future plans.

This Week’s Hosts: Stephen Jondrew, Chris Ferrell and Stargate Pioneer. This episode was recorded on Monday, December 17, 2018 streamed LIVE at www.Geeks.Live. Full show information (including links related to points discussed) can be found at http://www.geeks.link/268/. Come join us on our Discord server at http://www.gonnageek.com/discord/

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