Gonna Rent A Car To Sleep In

This week GFQ Network's Sunkast is here to fill in for SP while he's away. We'll discuss how Dark Phoenix sales have not been very good, how there are weird uses of Rent-A-Cars in Japan, and Stephen back tracks about the whole Google Home / Nest naming situation (we have an official announcement from Google).

In the Extra Extra we'll chat a bit about Microsoft continuing to break Windows 10, and SwiftKey (owned by Microsoft) being behind the times.

Finally, Chris Taps That App reviewing My Fitness Pal.

This Week's Hosts: Stephen Jondrew, Stargate Pioneer and Sunkast. This episode was recorded on Monday, July 8, 2019 streamed LIVE at www.Geeks.Live. Full show information (including links related to points discussed) can be found at http://www.geeks.link/294/. Come join us on our Discord server at http://www.gonnageek.com/discord/

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