Gonna Tell Cody That This Is Episode 300

On this week's episode, Curiosity Daily‘s Cody Gough (who is also a GonnaGeek Network Member) joins us to talk about there being a new He-Man spinoff coming to Netflix, Ikea ramping up their smart home division and how there's a bunch of Nintendo Switch news. We'll also discuss how Chris made Stephen VERY happy with some news of Disney+ coming to Canada much sooner than anticipated.

Plus Stephen surprises Cody and Chris with a special segment.

This Week's Hosts: Stephen Jondrew, Chris Ferrell and Cody Gough. This episode was recorded on Monday, August 19, 2019 streamed LIVE at www.Geeks.Live. Full show information (including links related to points discussed) can be found at http://www.geeks.link/299/. Come join us on our Discord server at http://www.gonnageek.com/discord/

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