The Bald Truth Ep. 8 – Never Gonna Do It 10-9-11

The Bald Truth

This week on The Bald Truth: Tony from Philadelphia wondering if trying newer treatments such as Finasteride, would be in vain compared to established products. Joe from Staten Island calls in “miserable as ever,” according to him. He also gives The Bald Truth report regarding information about cloned hair. Spencer talks about what it was like doing The Free For All from the GFQ Studio for the first time. Andrew Zarian tries to convince Joe to come to the studio. George from Mobile calls in to check on how Spencer's Dad is doing. George tells us he is taking Spencer's advice to heart and is getting out more despite his hair loss. Spencer and Andrew have a heated debate with Joe about the importance of Steve Jobs and his issues with hair loss. And Sunkast calls to try and help convince Joe to do a show from the GFQ Studio.