Combine & Control with Josh Bohn and Josh Jones

With more combined AM, FM, and TV transmitter sites, safe, effective, and secure monitoring and control of those sites has never been more important. When several transmitters are fed into a combiner, then to a master antenna, great damage is possible if something goes wrong. That’s where detailed analysis, careful installation, and custom scripting with sanity checks all come into play. Josh Bohn, along with Josh Jones and other associates are providing such monitoring and control systems to FM and TV broadcasters, and they’re sharing some of their experiences with us. Plus Josh Jones talks about repairing older equipment with parts made of non-obtainium.

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Josh Bohn – President & CEO, Bohn Broadcast Services
Josh Jones – Chief Technician, Bohn Broadcast Services

Kirk Harnack, The Telos Alliance, Delta Radio, & South Seas Broadcasting

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