TWiRT Ep. 300 – Live from NAB 2016

The annual NAB Show attracts broadcasters from around the globe. We experience new technologies, shop for equipment, meet old friends, and make new acquaintances.  It’s the perfect setting for This Week in Radio Tech, as well! Chris Tobin and I had a blast meeting some great engineers, company reps, and station owners on this episode of TWiRT.


Axia iQ and Radius AoIP audio consoles, now with Livewire+. The iQ and Radius now have AES67 AoIP built in.  By the Omnia.11 version 3.0 and optional G-Force.  With G-Force, you hear the music. You hear the voice. You don't hear the processor.   And by Lawo and the crystalCLEAR virtual radio console – crystalCLEAR is the console with a multi-touch touchscreen interface.