T4 Show Ep. 134 – Take a Shower 3-20-13

This week on T4 Show: Episode 134. Michael and Colm discuss the newly announced cell phone from Samsung called the Galaxy S4. Will these new features so up on the older Samsung devices or will we have to wait. Michael talks about the new service from Verizon and Redbox which is a new streaming service. They also talk about how it compares with the other streaming options. We then talk about the Gaems G155 and how useful it is on the road or travel. Do you think this is something you would want to buy? In closing Colm talks about PAX East and what he plans to cover at the event. If you want the GFQ Team to cover any games please let us know via twitter. We plan to see Saints Row IV, Metro Last Light, Square Enix, and more.