T4 Show Ep. 140 – Hot Dog 5-8-13


This week on the T4 Show: John from Tech News Weekly fills in for the once again MIA Colm. Michael talks about the new Heil PR40 mic he just received. Michael also updates us on his Straight Talk experiment. Did Michael decide to switch to Straight Talk? T-Mobile sells half a million iPhones in less than a month. Was T-Mobile's iPhone offer too good to pass up? Apple cracks down on app discovery apps and is once again rumored to be producing an Apple Television. Michael brings up how easy the Elgato Game Capture HD is to set up compared to his old work flow. EA says their next games will skip over the WiiU. Is that a smart move? iOS game Injustice becomes free to play and you can have a Star Trek action figure of yourself.

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Heil PR-40

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 Apple Crackdown on Discovery Apps

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Michael’s Update on Elgato Game Capture HD and Current Workflow

Next-Gen EA Games will Skip WiiU

Injustice Free to Play iOS Game

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Make Yourself into a Star Trek Action Figure