T4 Show Ep. 152 – 50 Light Switches 8-1-13


This week: Colm and Andrew give a review of the Google Chromecast. Is it worth getting? Michael talks about the Belkin Wemo Lightswitch. Does it get Michael's approval? Home owner Colm covers staining your deck. What has Colm learned? Michael also gives an updated review of the Drobo FS. How's it working out? Colm tries to explain what the cloud is. Michael and Colm discuss the rumored low cost budget iPhone and iPad Mini with Retina. Are iPhones in a variety of colors the way to go? The UPS Store announces they will begin offering 3D printing. Is this a game changer? And Michael and Colm discuss a poll asking people if they are more likely to buy an Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.

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Colm’s Chromecast Review

Updated WeMo Review and Light Switch

Michael’s Updated Drobo FS Review

BBM Beta Rolling Out to iOS and Android

Next iPad Mini to Have Retina Display?

UPS Store to Offer 3D Printing

Homeowner Colm Segment
Staining a Deck

Sports Gamers Want PS4?

New Madden 25 Gameplay Videos