Quest For Peace

What does it take for Iyaz Akhtar to be happy? He’s been asking himself that question since he hit the age of 29. Now, after years of reading and attempting to change, he’s closer to being content with his life, but he’s still looking for the secret to happiness. On this show, Iyaz candidly shares his experiences on trying to achieve inner peace with weekly guests.

Quest for Peace Ep. 17 – Viewer Feedback 1-4-15

Iyaz reads your emails and talks about the never-ending quest for peace.

Quest For Peace Ep. 16 – Fitting In 12-28-14

Wouldn't you be happier if you fit in with everyone? What happens when you don't really have a group? That's what today's episode is all about.

Quest For Peace Ep. 15 – Robert Borgesi Interview 11-2-14

Today's guest is Robert Borgesi, Iyaz's best friend for the past 17 years. He gives us insights on what he does to be happy and what Iyaz was like back in college.

Quest For Peace Ep. 14 – Season Premiere 9-28-14

The show is back. Iyaz explains the tumultuous move back to the east coast and how living in Manhattan is a dream and a nightmare.

Quest For Peace Ep 13 – Materialism 6-1-14

Andrew Zarian comes by to chat with Iyaz on if physical possessions can make you happy.

Quest For Peace Ep 12 – Dog Mind 5-25-14

Iyaz explains how much he's trying to be like a dog to find inner calmness and the struggles he faced in the day. Buy The Dog's Mind on Amazon: