Quest For Peace

What does it take for Iyaz Akhtar to be happy? He’s been asking himself that question since he hit the age of 29. Now, after years of reading and attempting to change, he’s closer to being content with his life, but he’s still looking for the secret to happiness. On this show, Iyaz candidly shares his experiences on trying to achieve inner peace with weekly guests.

Quest For Peace Ep. 11 – Shannon Morse Interview 5-18-14

Internet host and producer Shannon Morse joins Iyaz to talk about how her upbringing gave her the building blocks to handle stress, how to handle trolls, and changing your perspective to make challenges into opportunities.

Quest For Peace Ep. 10 – Brian Brushwood Interview 5-11-14

World class magician and podcaster Brian Brushwood joins us to talk about how exercise is a key in keeping him happy, what it took to go from Dell to the stage, and the impact of children.

Quest For Peace Ep. 9 – Dan Patterson Interview 5-4-14

Globe-trotting journalist extraordinaire Dan Patterson joins Iyaz to discuss how to be driven while trying to be happy, how upbringing can bring about change, and why failure is your friend. Find Dan Patterson online at

Quest For Peace Ep 8 – Scott Johnson 4-26-14

Scott Johnson of the Frogpants Network joins Iyaz to discuss how Scott went after his dreams by staying a kid at heart.

Quest For Peace Ep. 7 – Making Unpopular Decisions 3-30-14

In this episode, Iyaz discusses how if you want to be happy, sometimes you're going to make decisions that people don't like. He explains what he's gone through in the past to figure out when was the right time to go against the tide.

Quest For Peace Ep. 6 – Resources 3-16-14

Quest For Peace Iyaz puts a spotlight on the resources he's used to try get calmness of mind.