Quest For Peace

What does it take for Iyaz Akhtar to be happy? He’s been asking himself that question since he hit the age of 29. Now, after years of reading and attempting to change, he’s closer to being content with his life, but he’s still looking for the secret to happiness. On this show, Iyaz candidly shares his experiences on trying to achieve inner peace with weekly guests.

Quest For Peace Ep. 5 – Radford Castro Interview 3-9-14

Radford Castro of joins Iyaz to talk about how to be happy, the impact of death, religion, and clutter in creating a peaceful mind.

Quest For Peace Ep. 4 – Tom Merritt Interview 3-2-14

Tom Merritt joins us to talk about what makes him happy, how to handle being intense, and taking on your fears when it comes to being happy.

Quest For Peace Ep. 3 – Jonathan Strickland Interview 2-23-14's Jonathan Strickland joins Iyaz to talk about what it takes to be happy. Jonathan explains his career shift from being a consultant to becoming a successful writer and on-air personality.

Quest For Peace Ep. 2 – Tim Stevens 2-16-14

Iyaz speaks with Cnet editor in chief Tim Stevens about methods he uses to stay happy.

Quest For Peace Ep. 1 – Andrew Zarian Interview 2-5-14

Iyaz and Andrew Zarian share their tips and tricks to keep their sanity.