All-Digital AM Broadcasting with Kevin Trueblood

This SBE WEBxtra brings in SBE Secretary and SBE Government Relations Committee Chair Kevin Trueblood, CBRE, CBNT, to talk with SBE Board member Kirk Harnack about the SBE's recent comments on the FCC notice of proposed rulemaking on all-digital AM radio and the revitalization of AM. 

Kevin and Kirk will discuss the various aspects of the SBE filing, all-digital AM in general, and some of the obstacles facing AM improvement.  They’ll also discuss the unfortunate increase in RF noise within the medium-wave bands, including the AM broadcast band. 

SBE board member Kirk Harnack, CSRE, CBNE, leads the conversation with John.

Kicking off this SBE WEBxtra, Chriss Scherer, SBE member communications director, provides a concise report of topical news updates for SBE members.


Kevin Trueblood – WGCU Public Media, SBE Secretary & Government Relations Cmte.Chair

Show Notes: