Tower and Antenna Work in Pics & Video

With terms such as “headache ball,” “load line,” “heel block,” and even “roosterhead,” sometimes it seems that tower crews speak a different language. Karen Kyman and Ron Scalfani with Precision Communications, Inc. are here to teach us “the ropes” of tower work. We’re learning with an hour’s worth of photos and videos, most taken from the tower climber’s perspective, to understand the heavy lifting involved with tower work and antenna replacement.

We’ll also see what hurricanes and transmission line fires can do to towers and lines. 

SBE board member Kirk Harnack, CSRE, CBNE, leads the conversation with Karen and Ron.

Kicking off this SBE WEBxtra, Chriss Scherer, SBE member communications director, provides a concise report of topical news updates for SBE members.

Karen Kyman – Founder, Precision Communications, Inc.
Ron Scalfani – Logistics Coordinator, Precision Communications, Inc.

Show Notes: