Leadership Development with Rodney Vandeveer

Rodney Vandeveer is well-known to broadcast engineers who have participated in his annual seminar, the SBE-sponsored Leadership Development Course. This year’s 3-day course is postponed due to COVID-19, so Mr. Vandeveer found time to join us on the SBE WEBxtra.  He reminds us that “Leadership is two things: 1) The art and science of getting a job done, and, 2) A catalyst that leads to a new reality – a change agent. 

SBE board member Kirk Harnack, CSRE, CBNE, leads the conversation with Mr. Vandeveer.

Kicking off this SBE WEBxtra, Chriss Scherer, SBE member communications director, provides a concise report of topical news updates for SBE members.

Rodney C. Vandeveer – Professor Emeritus and Consultant at Purdue University

Show Notes: