Skycrane Antenna Picks with Vinny Lopez

Tower crews haven’t seen a day off in months due to TV channel repacks. The work is on such a tight schedule that there isn’t time to use gin poles and winches to dismantle old antennas and hoist new ones into place. Instead, a fleet of Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane helicopters are making quick work of moving these multi-ton TV transmitting antennas. 

SBE board member and former SBE President Vinny Lopez joins this month’s SBE WEBxtra to show us the helicopter “pick” process. Lopez is chief engineer at three Sinclair TV stations in Syracuse, NY.  Watch with us as he brings informative and entertaining video of the aerial “pick” process, with commentary and questions about the work.

As chair of the SBE Sustaining Membership Committee, Lopez also discusses the critical role of SBE Sustaining Members and the importance to SBE members of supporting those who support the SBE.

Kicking off this SBE WEBxtra, Chriss Scherer, SBE member communications director, provides a concise report of topical news updates for SBE members.


Vincent Lopez – Chief Engineer at CNY Central (WSTM NBC-3/WTVH CBS-5/WSTQ CW-6)

Show Notes: