Keeping Up with Changing Tech, with Gary & Cindy Cavell

Gary Cavell and Cindy Hutter Cavell are trusted Consulting Engineers in the television, radio, and associated broadcast fields. As president of Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Gary works with broadcasters to improve signal coverage and solve interference problems. While some solutions involve paperwork filings, most of their work involves troubleshooting real-world RF issues – from modulation, through transmission, and into the field where receivers are.

In this month’s SBE WEBxtra, Gary and Cindy discuss today’s test equipment, such as the vector network analyzer (VNA) and spectrum analyzer.  We also discuss putting unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for RF pattern measurement, and for inspecting transmission lines and connectors, before a burnout occurs.

We also mention the web site,  This free-to-use site acts as a friendly front-end for the FCC’s databases of broadcast and other licenses. Additionally, transmission sites and RF point-to-point paths are readily visualized thanks to a Google Earth data file available at

Kicking off this SBE WEBxtra, Chriss Scherer, SBE Member Communications Director, provides a concise report of topical news updates for SBE members.

Show Notes: